Tips for Artist

Tips to upload Images

  • Ensure that you click good quality images as images of poor quality might affect the purchasing decision of the buyer.
  • Please only upload original paintings that are exclusively yours. By accepting the terms & conditions while uploading the images you are bound to maintain the originality of paintings to the buyer. You certificate with painting is a proof of the same.
  • Please do not upload copied/reproduced/similar paintings of known or unknown artists, as it’s a violation of the terms & conditions accepted by you on Violation of the terms & conditions will lead to banning of your profile on You will also be liable for legal action.
  • If you still have any questions please contact our customer care

Tips before you courier paintings

  • Roll the painting & put into the box.
  • Take a print out, fill & Undersign the certificate attached in the order mail for each painting.
  • Roll & Put the certificate in same box with painting.
  • Pack the box with water proof material & courier on following address.
  • Please avoid artwork that are framed or on canvas boards as it is difficult to courier them at long distances.
  • We prefer paintings in rolled canvas or paper format.
  • Ensure you use good quality packaging material as any damaged painting will not be accepted & returned to you.
If you have any query, please feel free to mail us