Become a Member of ArtOfColors! is an online platform for promoting quality art created by artists worlwide.With a simple registration peocess, we allow you to sell paintings as many as you choose, with the freedom of putting up the price you want.

How to sell your art on

Please follow the four simple steps mentioned below:

Create an Account

Please fill the basic information in form at right hand side to create your free account.

Upload Your Artwork

Once you register and verify your email, click on upload product & start selling paintings as many as you want, by filling basic information of your art & setting up the price you like.

Sales, Order & Delivery Process

Once you get a order you simply need to pack the work of art and dispatch to us. After quality confirmation, we will courier the work to the buyer.


After a successful delivery confirmation by our courier team, you will receive your payment within 7 days, in the bank account provided by you during registration. We charge 20% over & above the price you quote.

We Accept online payment in below methods