Re-Sell Your Art

There can be many reasons why you may need to sell an art work from your collection. Scenarios like shifting to a new home or there is a outdated art piece and you want to enhance the beauty of your space (commercial or residential) then visit ArtOfColors, check the collection of art work there and choose the art item which suits your artistic needs or requirements. It can also happen that you have an art work which is appreciated and you like to sell that item now. Then ArtOfColors is the right place. Here you not just have the options to buy new art but also to resell your art.

Why re-sell through ArtOfColors?

ArtOfColors is a popular online marketplace for art and it brings together artists, dealers, collectors, galleries and resellers onto a single yet powerful platform. Here, you find a superb way to benchmark the art prices and also you can take advantage of a dependable process of selling as well as shipping. The ArtOfColors have one of the biggest databases of registered collectors in India and we promote the brand smartly, to benefit our partner artists, re-sellers and galleries.

How to re-sell your art on ArtOfColors?

Re-selling your art work (photographs/sculptures/paintings) through ArtOfColors is simple. It is a 5 step process and involves your photographing and uploading the details of your artwork. The ArtOfColors give every effort to promote and sell your artwork to the pertinent audience.

STEP 1 - Sign Up
STEP 2 - Photograph your artwork
STEP 3 - Upload details on site
STEP 4 - Pack and Courier
STEP 5 - Receive your payment

In the event of a sale, ArtOfColors will charge a commission of 25% of the listed price of the artwork.

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