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By the grace of God, rural India is blessed with a clean sense of purity and holiness. Those who live here enjoy and worship the nature and the rich and multi-hued cultures of India. Though there is shortage of both wealth and education, the people here are rich in heritage and hold the treasures of centuries old traditions and art & crafts.

Hari Om Singh is a jewel of the same rural treasure from a small village in Mahouli, Uttar Pradesh. He was born in an uneducated but humble family who knows the value of dreams. Since, childhood he was always a brilliant and curious child, and as such he was naturally attracted toward arts. During his journey of drawing and painting study, he found an able 'GURU', the master artist of Jodhpur, Sh. Mohan Lal Sharma Ji (currently in U.S.), who was a student of Lt. Mr. A.H. Muller, a great artist of his times and a professor at the prestigious J.J. School of Arts in Bombay.

Hari Om proved himself to be a good disciple and an honest follower. At the same time, he was associated with spiritual Guru Sh. Jugal Kishore Dasji, in whose loving presence Hari Om Singh gained knowledge of "Bhagwat Puraan" and "Shri Krishna Katha". Hari Om Singh, under the deep impact of his Gurus discourses stumbled upon his painting subject- 'Krishna Lila'. He painted the divine love of Radha-Krishna and the unconditional love of Mira-Krishna. Hari Om Singh says that during his meditation he could see different expressions of feelings, emotions and sentiments of Lord Krishna, Radha and Meera. He paints his canvas with these in worshipful faith and detailing of the expressions of his subject is the highlight of his work.

'Sevayan', an NGO, is a trust for people, to whom he gives priceless service and help, specially to the weaker sections of society and underprivileged children. 'Art of the matter' is a part of 'Sevayan' which helps the rural children to grow to their fullest potential. 'Sevayan' also provides shelter to orphan cows in Goverdhan, U.P. Here, thousands of homeless and wounded cows are being given all medical help, food and taken care of. 'Sevayan' is Non-profitable organisation in which many big-hearted and generous people work under the able guidance of Sh. Jugal Kishore Dasji from Goverdhan.

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