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Works of Shubhankar

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    Terrorism has no Religion
    By Shubhankar Singha
    ` 168,750 / $2,377
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    Virginity is an illusion
    By Shubhankar Singha
    ` 150,000 / $2,113
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    By Shubhankar Singha
    ` 150,000 / $2,113
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    Carnal Desires
    By Shubhankar Singha
    ` 125,000 / $1,761


Shubhankar Singha (Born 2nd June 1992) is an eminent indian contemporary artist possessed by the dark emotions of pain, suppression, suffering, love, loneliness and realistic concept. He is an expert in Fine Arts including Abstract Art and Figurative paintings. He has immense contribution in inspiring young artists of India. He had developed his individual style of art and painted in acrylic and in oil medium as well. He achieved is B. Tech degree in Marine Engineering from Institute of Technology and Marine Engineering, in the year 2016. And, he completed his Fine art studies from "Sarba Bharatiya Sangeet o Sanskriti Parishad". His famous artworks include "IMPRESSION", "TERRORISM HAS NO RELIGION", "TOLERANCE", "VIRGINITY IS AN ILLUSION", "METEMPSYCHOSIS", "MISCONCEPTION", "LOVE BEYOND BOUNDARIES", "TRAPPED WITHIN INFINITE", "TRAPPED WITHIN MEMORIES", etc. Besides all these, he is also a musician and an author. He wrote a book regarding the existence of God and the interrelationship between God and super intelligent extraterrestrial beings as mentioned in the various scriptures around the globe. (Book- "GOD: Ancient Aliens or a myth?")

Group Exhibitions:

Elixir 17
winter show 2
Art Evolution
Amar Bhasa
Annual Art Show
Elixir 17 at Altamira Art Gallery, Kolkata
Winter Show 2 at Academy Of Fine Arts, 2018, Kolkata
Art Evolution at ICCR, 2018, Kolkata
Amar Bhasa at Gaganendra Sabhaghar, 2018, Kolkata
Annual Art Show at Altamira Art Gallery, 2018, Kolkata
Bengal Art Factory at Birla Academy, 2018, Kolkata
Summer colour carnival organised by Bengal Art Factory at Chitrakoot, 2018, Kolkata
Pragati Kala Ratna Award at Birla Academy, 2018, Kolkata
Elixir 2018 at Gallery Gold, 2018, Kolkata
Bengal Art Factory show at Ashutosh Birth Centenary Hall (Indian Museum), 2019, Kolkata
Bengal Art Factory at Birla Academy, 2019, Kolkata
Elixir 2019, at ICCR, 2019, Kolkata

Solo Exhibitions:

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