Mr. Rajesh R. Shah   

Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh

Works of Rajesh R.

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    Rajesh 1302
    By Rajesh R. Shah
    ` 140,000 / $1,972
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    Rajesh L026
    By Rajesh R. Shah
    ` 62,500 / $880
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    Rajesh L032
    By Rajesh R. Shah
    ` 60,000 / $845
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    Rajesh L072
    By Rajesh R. Shah
    ` 30,000 / $423


My art is like tapasya or a journey of spiritual growth. As an artist I improve with every efforts but there is always room for betterment. Much of my work deals with relationships: from Mother and Child, to lovers, couples, and musicians the connection between peoples comes out strongly in my works. Man is a part of nature. I’ve tried to express a sense of how much we human beings can gain from being in harmony with nature. When human beings are disrespectful and exploitative of Mother Nature, the result are disastrous!”. What I want to bring out that being close to nature is like being close to Almighty. People who are closed to nature are in touch with divine rhythm of the universe. This philosophy of harmony and altruism is something that is as rigorously practiced in own life as it is portrayed in the pictures. I want every painting to speak for itself. I like to go out a lot, to observe phenomenon, to capture the emotions of community on canvas. My paintings are meant to be a heart-to-heart communication with the audience who sees them. I want the common man to be able to understand my work and relate to it. I’ve tried to do, with every new series showing something completely different from all my previous work. I am an artist who is not afraid of change.

Group Exhibitions:

2012 : Art Fiesta Gallery, Dubai. - 2011 : ARK Art Gallery, Pune. - 2011 : Eight Anniversary Show, Gallery G, Bangalore. - 2008 : Artmosaic Gallery, Singapore. - 2008 : Malaka Spice, Pune. - 2008 : Shangril-la Art Gallery, Houston. - 2008 : AIFACS, Delhi. - 2008, 2007 : Art2Day Gallery, Pune. (solo & group). - 2007 : Pradarshak Art Gallery, Mumbai. (solo & group). - 2007 : Art Entrance, Army & Nevy Building, Mumbai. - 2006, 2003 : Art Plaza, Mumbai. - 2005, 1998 : Mansoon Show, Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. - 1998 : Kargil show in Balgandrav Kala Dalan, Pune.Balgandrav Kala Dalan, Pune. V. V. Dist. Library, Jalgaon.

Solo Exhibitions:

2012 : Pradarshak Art Gallery, Mumbai. - 2010 : Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. - 2009 : Pradarshak Art Gallery, Mumbai. - 2009 : Pradarshak Art Gallery, Mumbai. - 2008, 2007 : Suchitra Art Gallery, Mumbai. - 2008 : Manaz Art Gallery, Mumbai. - 2007 : Arthut Art Gallery.


2000: Gold Medal in G. D. Art (Director of Art, Mumbai).


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