Ananya Ghosh   

Kolkata, India

Works of Ananya

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    The Divine flute
    By Ananya Ghosh
    ` 10,000 / $141
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    Rythms from the core
    By Ananya Ghosh
    ` 6,500 / $92


I am a fashion designer not an proffessional artist , but painting is my passion and love...colours and canvas relate to the soul

Group Exhibitions:

Artex 2016 held by Art of Colours,Gallery gold
Art evolution by Art of Colours 2018 at ICCR
Solo exhibiton at a newalipore Impulse studio

Solo Exhibitions:

No Information Found.


Fashion Designer by proffession, Artist by passion


"Unmesh"... an art event with kids by Impulse( school of music and art) new alipore...