Miss. Priyanka Poogalia   

Hyderabad, India

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    Lady Love
    By Priyanka Poogalia
    ` 15,000 / $211


Art for me is key to the secret garden, my way down the rabbit hole and my looking glass and acquiring the required training in the process. Painting fills me with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, and has proven to be the most amenable vehicle for translating my inner vision and thoughts, into a more concrete outer reality. From the beginning, the process of transforming what one sees and absorbs from one’s surroundings, onto a canvas has struck me as magic. And, over the years, that magical process has had its way with me, leading me from what was initially just a hobby, to more serious art. Fueled by a desire to give an expression to my feelings and thoughts, I decided to seriously pursue it which even the lucrative corporate background, could not deter. Art has always been my first love, and as a result, destiny brought me back to the brush. I started Arts from heart and entered into the professional league of contemporary artists. Life is an amalgamation of shades of experience, colors of imagination and impressions of our action and reaction. My work at NGO, dedicated to the cause of women left lasting impressions in my life. I chose canvas and brush to express my experiences of life, its celebrations and struggles. Nothing represents spectrum of life wider than womanhood. Essence of all expressions Love, Hate, Dedication, and Deceit that a woman represent, makes the soul of my art work. In-depth knowledge of fabric and textures, acquired as a textile graduate coupled with subject as deep as woman has positioned me to showcase depth in my paintings. Deeper reflection at my work will reveal subtle nuances and provide insight into soul of the painting. My forte is contemporary figurative and abstract art. My favorite medium for paintings is charcoal and acrylic though i experiment with other mediums too. Charcoals are a personal favorite. I find the charm of black and white hard to resist, and the challenge posed by black and white in a world full of colors, too exciting to ignore. I aim to capture, the existence of unconditional love and freeze the time in painting. As feel that each piece of artwork triggers an impulsive train of thought in a viewer and believes there is a sealed discourse that takes place between a work of art and its beholder, which i wouldn\'t like to intrude upon or disturb the dynamics between them. The main Magic is to put soul into the painting to Enliven- give life to it... and I have tried to give. . . !! The rest, is for the people to judge. . .

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