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Indore, India

Works of swapnil

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Exploring the infinite possibilities of New Media, my work visually expresses the joy I find in the richness and complexity of life. Each colour, line, and shape combine to harmoniously build a structure celebrating the wonder I feel. Natural objects, faith and beliefs, mysterious depths and richness of shapes and textures, all come to life and vibrate in the colors and luminescence of the images. Although I work in a digital or virtual medium, I approach the creation of each image with the traditional outlook of a painter and also. I try to bring depth and texture to the images that I work on, as well as, dramatic colour and my own unique viewpoint. The majority of my recent works based on Colour Therapy, Illusion & Imagination. With my digital creations I am trying to create something that I enjoy and hope that others will as well. Digital art has the potential to be used in an amazing number of applications. That is not to say that traditional art is outdated and useless. Quite the contrary, my digital art and design is only possible from a strong foundation in traditional art forms.

Thank you for following my journey!

Group Exhibitions:

Kala ke Rang, Pritam Lal Dua Sabhagrah, Indore, (1-2 July 2018)
Abhijaya Rashtriya Chitrakala Pradarshni, Pritam Lal Dua Sabhagrah, Indore (6-8 July 2018)
“Ye hai Dilli meri jaan” National Exhibition of Art, 10 august to 16 august, AIFAC gallery, Delhi
Diverse Creativity, Digital Art Exhibition, 16 august to 19 august, Udaipur (Raj.)
Finext Awards & National Exhibition of Mini- Artworks- 2018 , 27th to 31st Oct. 2018, Swaraj Kala Vithika, Bhopal MP

Solo Exhibitions:

20-22 May 2018, BHARAM 18, Hiralal Kala Vithika, Jabalpur


20 years


Mini Art Show at HIVE artspace, Nov. 2 - Dec. 1, 2018, HIVE artspace, 126 East King Street, York, Pennsylvania 17401

Worldwide Art Movment & UNCC - Arctotic Waves, Oct. 30 2018, Kampala Uganda