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Meet Our Team
Tamal Bagchi
Founder & CEO
Tamal is the founder and CEO of ArtOfColors. His hard work and perseverance witnessed the success of ArtOfColors in a short span of time. His experience and practical approach in the field of arts helped to steer the work process.
Rajni Jaiswal
Co-founder & COO
Rajni is the power behind ArtOfColors. She is passionate about reading books. She is reason behind the development of this power packed team, and the person who butter if you plan to join ArtOfColors. Rajni is as what she appears.
Vivek Jaiswal
Relationship Manager
Vivek played a major role in establishing ArtOfColors string artist team. Playing the "lead operator" of ArtOfColors. He is the quiet guy who delivers without much ado. He is a star in his own terms. Without him, the team would stop to coexist.
Archana Shaw
HR Associate
The reason we go without any errors. She is quality analyst, perfectionoist in her team. Check. A no-nonsense go getter she loves trying her hands in variety of different things when she is not running to improve something.
Partha Mukherjee
Art Critic & Member
Partha is passionate about art. Actually he love colors. He is a artist by heart and one of our team member. He loves to do blogging and likes working on mixed media, acrylic and pastels. Partha says "There is nothing beyond art".
Prasanna Chaudhuri
Artist & Member
Prasanna is one of the very few self qualified realist artists who was rewarded with the Award of Excellence 'Dr. U. C. NAG MEMORIAL AWARD' from Indian Society of Oriental Art In 2009, He was one of the finalist participant of CIMA AWARD SHOW 2014.
Arindam Chakraborty
Artist & Member
Arindam have learnt about India endless historical journey movement, India mythology through enchanting endless strong stories. He have completed visual arts M.V.A (Post Graduate) from Rabindra Bharati University in 2004, Kolkata.
Aditi Banerjee Biswas
Lead Content Analyst
The Teleporter. Ardent fan of Robin Cook, she secretly wishes to be the Superhero. She loves penning poems, dancing and cooking. Our blogger, she brings her extensive views on the table. When she is not working, you will find her lost in her fantasy world of her dreams.
Tathagata Sarkhel
Relationship Manager
Tathagata is a cool and sharp minded member of ArtOfColors. He knows how to impress peoples with his sharp and calm behaviour. He is incharge of the artist relationship. He is working with ArtOfColors since the begining of this firm.
Mriganka Das
Mriganka is a bachelor degree holder in Science. He is a cool minded and smart guy from Kolkata. Having a science background and stepping into photography, is a bit weird, but photography is his passion. He loves to click nature, wildlife photographs.
Abhishek Ghosh
Abhishek is a shy guy from Kolkata. Playing the lead "photographer," of our team, he is a quiet guy who delivers without much ado. He is a star in his own terms, and has the patience to solve any problem easily.
Taniya Deb
Content Writer
Voracious reader about anything that exists on earth and beyond. Newfound passion in cooking and traveling as a result of living independent in an unknown city. Believes writing is an expression of what the mind actually believes.
We always welcome crazy art lovers like us in our team.
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