ArtOfColors Foundation

ArtOfColors foundation works for providing education to Kids, providing new learning oppertunities for womens so they can learn creation of crafts and earn by selling them.

About Foundation

Welcome to ArtOfColors Foundation

ArtOfColors Foundation is a charitable part of ArtOfColors Gallery which helps to educate under priviledge childrens and womens to learn and educate so they can grow in there career and learn new path of earning. Along with the education the visiton of this foundation is to provide them cloth and foods. ArtOfColors Foundation works to change the lives of destitute children and help them to become independent, self-supporting members of society.

ArtOfColors Foundation is engaged with through research, material development and conducting teacher capacity building workshops. Upcoming days we have different plans to introduce to educate under priviledge childrens and make the womens self capable to earn from home. For any enquiry, please drop email

Our Cause

Art Education

ArtOfColors Foundation envisions a non-discriminatory, educated and equal society.


ArtOfColors Foundation works to educate under priviledge childrens and try to provide them foods.


Providing cloths for kids and womens so they can use it. Wearing good cloths change mind growing also.

Professional Training

Our foundation try to educate womens to learn creation of crafts, so they can make affordable crafts and sell them for earning money.

Board Members

Tamal Bagchi

President & Founder

Tech Professional and Founder of ArtOfColors.

Rajni Bagchi

Secretary & Advisor

Co-Founder of ArtOfColors and associate with MNC companies.

Kankabati Dutta

Vice President 1

Eminent Author & writer have received several awards from Govt.

Anjan Bhattacharyya

Vice President 2

Renowned Painter & Member of Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata.

Sudip Karmakar

Fundraising Coordinator

Contemporary Painter more than 2 decade in art industry.

Partha Mukherjee

Fundraising Coordinator

Working professional in TCS company. Recognised by several awards.

Madhvi Chakraborty

Fundraising Coordinator

An IT consuntant by professional in a MNC company and freelance painter.

Join Us & Become a Volunteer

Your time and talent can make a real difference in people’s lives.

ArtOfColors Foundation is depends on donors, fundraisers, volunteers and sponsors to change the lives of abandoned street childrens and womens in Kolkata. Change starts with you and is possible thanks to your generosity and action. To join as volunteer please fillup the form below and our team will give you a call and brief you details. This is a Non-Profit Programme for kids & women come and join us.