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Why buy art online at ArtOfColors?

ArtOfColors is an acclaimed art entity in the country since its inception in 2013. It aims in bringing together collectors, artists, dealers, resellers and galleries onto a single yet powerful online platform. We have a state of the art user-experience, and our web portal is backed by some of the amazing analytics and data. In short we have redefined the experience of art shopping.

  • Collective Expertise: ArtOfColors has India’s largest art platform and it brings to you fantastic hand-picked collection of paintings and sculptures to choose from. Our collection is the direct result of various artists, alleries, dealers, curators, writers and critics working in a coordinated manner. Our above 3500 works of art has inputs from some of the honchos in the art industry. Our platform of gathering and selling art collectibles is unique and one of a kind. Therefore when you want to buy art related items through ArtOfColors, you understand well that you are buying a quality art piece.
  • Leading edge portal: Your experience at the ArtOfColors is augmented by technology & data and it is aimed at bringing to you art that you would love to cherish. We have some of the truly innovative experiences on the platform we also use data to suggest to you, specific art pieces that you would love.
  • Art for every Wall: Our meticulously curated collection spans a huge variety of art works of over 500 artists. The art works available in the portal are available in a wide range of sizes styles,, budgets and mediums.
  • Art Advisory: ArtOfColors caters to all the art needs of an art enthusiast. Our advisory team on art is readily available to assist you with specific needs and requirements – They can be beautifying a residential or office space. We help you to identify and shortlist, often acquire the art that you have dreamt off.
  • Buy, Sell, Resell: At ArtOfColors you may require to resell your art works at some point in time. We’ve our own collectors’ platform in a way that resells your art conveniently. You can take advantage of ArtOfColor’s platform, process of selling & couriering logistics to sell the art anytime. Our monthly viewership is above 50,000 and these statistics make ArtOfColors the best platform for you to re-sell your work.
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