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Published by Admin on 09, Jan 2016
09, Jan 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, ArtOfColors is happy to announce that we reach our first milestone. We have recently hit 10,000+ likes on our Facebook page and we are looking for help with hitting the next milestone of 20,000!!!

Published by Admin on 26, Dec 2015
26, Dec 2015

Yes! you have read right. ArtOfColors new version is more user friendly now. In v2.0 you can create free account and after account verification you can keep your favorite art items saved in your wishlist bucket. This will help you to find your favorite items easily in future.

Published by Admin on 19, Dec 2015
19, Dec 2015

Good News for all art lovers and art buyers. Now you can buy artworks directly from our website with just a matter of click. Instant online payment and all over India shipping Free. No hidden processing fee and no additional shipping charge. Follow below details to see how our system working with payment getaway service.

Published by Admin on 15, Dec 2015
15, Dec 2015

ArtOfColors launched the ‘ArtOfColors Mobile App’. The application is a one-stop destination for knowing about all the latest day-to-day activities on art and photography. The app brings all the latest information and updates about art market, photographs, promotions and event details day to day.

Published by Admin on 13, Dec 2015
13, Dec 2015

Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination in a visual form articulating appreciation for its beauty and emotional power. Our city has been the cradle of many artists who have made us proud and one of its finest exponents, Padmashree Paresh Maity needs no introduction as his paintings, sculptures and installations have won accolades across the world and keep the art lovers fascinated for their exquisite appeal and artistic delicacy.

Published by Admin on 07, Dec 2015
07, Dec 2015

We are very happy to announce that our new version of website is launched now. This time the site is more powerful with new features and more user friendly. Our new version website is completely mobile friendly, you can browse it anytime from your mobile device and use all of it's web features in mobile browser.

Published by Admin on 29, Nov 2015
29, Nov 2015

ArtOfColors founded on 2013, since that time all of your love made us proud to stand in the art world. We always trying to do new experiments to make the art lovers and artists happy with our service and quick support.

Published by Admin on 29, Nov 2015
29, Nov 2015

Here is the first look of our art exhibition before inauguration day. Our CEO Mr.Tamal Bagchi will be touring you the gallery and say few words about this exhibition.

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