Artist Online Promotion Services

ArtOfColors online art gallery is meant for emerging as well as established artists. A unit of India based digital art marketing service provider, it is a one stop solution for professional artists and it offers professional digital and art marketing services. Artists like painters or sculpture artists who avail paid promotion services of ArtOfColors get exposure globally through ArtOfColors’s robust online art network. Through ArtOfColors’s marketing services, the artists are highlighted across more than one online platform in the form of presentations, social promotions, videos, PDFs.

In modern digital environment online art marketing is the perfect way to take paintings and art at world stages conveniently. ArtOfColors as a web portal is attracting approximately 10,000 visitors on a daily basis. The website highlights images of beautiful paintings and exquisite masterpieces of acclaimed as well as budding artists. Such career oriented online exposure of the artists by ArtOfColors assist in bringing budding talents to the forefront.

As an artist what you get from the web portal?

  • It offers targeted and pertinent online traffic so that the artists get more exposure to exhibit their talent, skills globally.
  • ArtOfColors has a dedicated team to promote artists and their artworks.
  • Also, it offers an enhanced page ranking in different search engines.
  • There is a premium space in ArtOfColors’s art shopping section.
  • It helps creating videos, presentations and pdfs with the intention of promoting artwork, which are often, shared online using the brand’s network.
  • ArtOfColors also offers artists the option to promote their brilliant artworks through various social media platforms.
  • It offers a year of digital marketing services to promote artworks of emerging as well as established artists online.
Painters, sculpture artists can reap the following benefits using ArtOfColors’s promotional services:-
  • Get global exposure as an artist. For the budding artists, ArtOfColors is a wonderful platform to exhibit their best creations online.
  • Those who are established as an artist, they can contemplate of enhancing their rand value as an artist.
  • ArtOfColors is a portal which not just promotes art but also creates an opportunity for the artists to interact with the art lovers. Many art enthusiasts use the ArtOfColors’s platform to invest in exquisitely beautiful paintings and sculptures.
  • Selling of artwork is simplified using the ArtOfColors portal. The sellers of art can aspire to get exposed with the art lovers. There is no participation of mediators or agents when selling of art items.
  • There is no commission that is charged on the artwork or painting that is sold at ArtOfColors.
  • The annual fee is minimal.
  • The artists can expect to grow career wise using the ArtOfColors portal.
  • The online commerce portal, ArtOfColors offers its art promotional services to potential customers. There are different ArtOfColors plans and they include the basic, standard and the premium plans.
Standard Plan: Plan included half-year artist promotion services via various promotional activities like effective social media promotions, artist profile listing, blog promotion, video promotion (shared by artist) and premium space etc. CALL US FOR PRICE

Premium Plan: Plan included one year artist promotion services via various promotions activities like social media promotions, artist profile listing, premium space at ArtOfColors and sharing videos, ppt’s, pdf’s etc. CALL US FOR PRICE

For art promotional work, to create a marketing campaign, ArtOfColors requires the following:-
  • Bio data
  • Profile picture, exhibition and award show pictures.
  • Complete contact details for the art promotional work.
  • Lucid images of artist, paintings, sculpture works.