Artist’s FAQ

1. How do I place my order?

Buy an artwork on ArtOfColors is easy. Just click on the "Place your Offer" button, fill the form details and we will get back to you with availibility and shipping details. Our payment gateway allows you to pay by Net Banking, Cheque or Cash. If you would like to pay by any other means, please give us a call and speak to an AOC team member.

2. What is the authenticity proof that I get my with my purchase?

ArtOfColors is a first and most importantly, a platform for the promotion of beautiful, original art related product. To help you prove authenticity, and for you to be able to sell in your artwork in the future, ArtOfColors issues you with an authenticity certificate from the artist that looks like this, on the purchase of any art, of our partner artists. However, if you are buying a work from a re-seller or gallery, you will receive a letter of authenticity signed by ArtOfColors, and backed by documentation by the re-seller/gallery.

3. What is "My Works"?

Click the button to 'Add to Favourite' artworks works as you browse, and view the list of your personal favourites together before making a final choice. It will help you eliminate options quicker than any other way. You can also share your list of favourites with someone else if you need a second opinion.

4. Smooth returns and cancellation

You have a right to revoke within 3 days.

5. Are all these works of art originals?

All artwork on ArtOfColors is original art. In some cases, in addition to making the original available for sale, the artists have also made open edition prints available on paper and canvas. You can see all the wokrs available as prints.

6. Security, confidentiality and discretion are important for us!

We handle all details required for purchase and delivery with the greatest care. We will only ever disclose your details, when required, to trusted partners such as certified shipping companies or licensed payment service providers.

7. Every item on ArtofColors is checked by experts

Our ArtofColors experts are responsible for appraising the quality and authenticity of all items. That's how we guarantee our buyers that all items listed on Auctionata are genuine.

8. Making a counter offer

Counter offers are binding. This means you commit to buying the item if the seller accepts your offer within 5 days. You should only ever enter a counter offer on an item if you’re serious about purchasing it. Of course, you’re always protected with our 25-year authenticity guarantee and right of withdrawal (according to the Distance Sales Act) when you purchase an item by counter offer. After you enter a counter offer, you will receive an update on the status of negotiation with the seller within 24 hours.

9. Contact us

Any questions, suggestions, praise or criticism? Please write to us by email or post. You can also call us directly
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