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27, Nov 2015

Annual art show at Emami Chisel Art Gallery 2014

After launching of ArtOfColors in last 3 months we received all of your lot's of love. About 2000+ artworks added in our portal and about 250+ artist joined with us in this small time span. We are very happy to announce that we have organized a show at Emami Chisel Art Gallery on Jan 2014 for all art lovers who joined with us.

This show will be inaugurated by Mr. Niranjan Pradhan, Mrs. Suktisubhra Pradhan, Mr. Sri Ram Shaw and Dr. Archana Roy (Curator of Emami Chisel Art Gallery, Kolkata) about 40 artists participated form all over India in this show. Different style artworks, sculptures are showcasing in this show, about 80+ works are displaying in this show. Renouned artists like Rajib Sur Roy, Soumendra Acooli, Sourav Nandy and many more. This show will continue 3 days and if any buyer or art lover have any query about paintings feel free to ask our support team for help.