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26, Nov 2018

Decor home with Art

Home decor is an opportunity to create a small world to oneself and the near and dear ones. While to provide space and to place gadgets is an imperative in every home, home decor is an opportunity to roll out a theme or an idea or a message and thereby create an ambiance in the home to suit ones tastes and interests.

While every individual has his/her ‘lot’ to tide over in life, any form of art evokes a ‘wow’ response in every one. This wow factor provides an interlude from reality, may be brief, which refreshes both mind and body. Art is an expression of human mind through a medium – painting, music, photograph, a story or a poem. While the artist expresses his/her mind in the work of art, others ‘consume’ art and derive comfort, happiness and inspiration. Hence human intimacy to art is more often by instinct than by deliberate choice. Given this reality, the importance of art in a house needs hardly any emphasis. House becomes ‘home’ once the décor in every room brings the right ambience to the place. Any décor is incomplete without a piece of art and painting is the most visual, understandable and accessible form of art. So wall hanging paintings are the most popular form of art décor. Any piece of art in a room gives an emotional flavour to the place which balances the dominance of gadgets in daily life. Décor can convey a theme of modernity to represent today’s world. Abstract Art with loud colors may supplement the theme eminently in all the rooms. Another theme is blend modernity with the rich heritage of culture in the country. The furniture may be of oriental design and the piece of art in every room may speak with pride about religion and history. A modern home in every respect with the art décor choosing a sober and antique theme will also be a novel approach. Separate themes for each of the room is also an interesting option to pursue. Sequence of the décor pieces to be set in a home is also important to get best results. A lover of art will first decide the art piece first and then align other décor to the piece of art. Yet another approach is to put in the décor and the piece of art will be the finishing touch. Once a piece of art is on the wall that becomes a focal point in the room. So wall hangings are ideal opposite to seating places with sufficient lighting. It is recommended that a painting on the wall should be such that the centre of the painting should be 5 feet from the floor. A few choices of art for a home are presented in the following pages. Drawing room or living room is a place to relax where a family spends most of their wake up time. Art in the form of a Wall painting is a good option in the living room. The painting should be of optimum size in relation to the wall and it has to be ensured that the painting does not overwhelm other décor in the room. Illustrations may be too abstract in the room while wall hangings of quotes and sayings may supplement a sober theme. Paintings in the drawing room should relax the whole family as also endear the guests to spend good time with the hosts. Three options for the drawing room are given below Painting below is the evening lighting at Varanasi on the banks of river Ganges. Conveys a bright as also a religious theme, may also convey a spiritual outlook of the family. The work below coneys relaxed mood and conveys a sober outlook. May be the family is in no great hurry to accomplish anything. Classifed an abstract art , the painting below studies the effect of light on an object at different time of the day. Conveys a taste for innovation and introspection and general liking for complexities. Dining room and kitchen is the place where the family enjoys the food and fun of eating. Ideal food habits require positivity and cheer while cooking and eating. The first is a painting of an Indian woman cooking with attention while the second is a photo conveying the joy of a family eating together. Bedroom is the place to take rest and refresh for a brighter tomorrow. The theme should convey a slowing of pace, to rest the mind and to get up with hope and cheer. The first is a sculpture to impress the benefits of meditation and second is a sunrise painting that heralds a new dawn of hope to all. Conclusion Art décor in a home is expected to inspire and impact the residents for life and give lasting memories to guests and visitors. Kids and youngsters in a family, after they grow up, recall with pride and affection the piece of art in their parents’ home. So a piece of art in a home is as important as the home itself.