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09, Jan 2016

ArtOfColors reaches 10,000 LIKES on Facebook

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, ArtOfColors is happy to announce that we reach our first milestone. We have recently hit 10,000+ likes on our Facebook page and we are looking for help with hitting the next milestone of 20,000!!!

So, please feel free to share this post and also like the page and once we hit the magic number we shall be pulling out 10 lucky art lovers for some very special prizes. We will be looking at those helping us with the promotion, the amount of shares and basically want to return the amount of love that the art lovers of the world are showing for us.

On this celebration ArtOfColors offer 50% cashback on any purchase done throughout January 2016. Keep decorate your home / office walls with exclusive works.

SO, the march is on and the counter is clicking…THANK YOU ALL!