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26, Dec 2015

Now keeping your favourite items remember is easy

Yes! you have read right. ArtOfColors new version is more user friendly now. In v2.0 you can create free account and after account verification you can keep your favorite art items saved in your wishlist bucket. This will help you to find your favorite items easily in future.

How the process works? First, you have to create a account with ArtofColors. If you already have account then you can login with your registered login access. After you logged in successfully, you can start browsing items in ArtofColors. When you will find your loved work or selective works then just click "Add to Wishlist" link right side of the big preview thumb of details page. When you press the link, it will save the Item in your Wishlist bucked of account. From "Account" link you can see wishlist link and already saved works. If you no more wish to keep it in your wishlist basket, just press "Remove" and it will be deleted from Wishlist page. That's It!