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19, Dec 2015

ArtOfColors is ready to accept Online Payments

Good News for all art lovers and art buyers. Now you can buy artworks directly from our website with just a matter of click. Instant online payment and all over India shipping Free. No hidden processing fee and no additional shipping charge. Follow below details to see how our system working with payment getaway service.

ArtOfColors root getting stronger and stronger day by day. From 22nd December 2015 onwards our all art lovers and art buyers can buy there loved artworks online instantly.

Steps as follows:
1. Select your artwork
2. Press order button
3. Fill information required in form
4. Press Checkout and go to payment page.
5. Select Mode of Payment either Net Banking or Debit/Credit Card
6. After Payment Successful done in few hours get confirmation of painting details
7. And along with confirmation get shipping related information straight to your registered email.
8. It's as easy as this. No Hidden Fee, No additional processing fee.
9. Please Note: If any issue arise in processing of the transaction then max 72 working hours the buyer will receive the full payment straight to his/her bank account without any charge.

Our support team always here to help you with all required questions, please mail us at or call us +91.8478885555