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Art Times Journal
ArtOfColors growing with the years. We have recently join venture with Art Times Journal (Bengal Painters) and for all art lovers we are presenting the digital edition of Art Times Journal editions. The founders of Art Times Journal Mr. Abhijit Bhattacharya and Mr. Bipul Bikash Mondal have confirmed that from now onwards all art lovers can download and browse all the old and new edition of Art Times Journal online. This digital editions will be exclusively available only with ArtofColors. Artists and Art lovers who are interested to place ads, editorials they can directly book the spot from our website. More interesting and interactive options are coming very soon...
Editors Desk
Mr. Abhijit Bhattacharya
Founder & Editor
First to say, the name Art Times we have given thinking it as a art journal. We are doing the publicity of the journal absolutely free. Nowadays upcoming artist and senior artists are not in touch. Our motive is to connect the eminent painters, contemporary painters and upcoming artists connect together via our journal. We are trying to achieve a new level with this journal. In future, we are trying to release subscription based service. Eminent Artist Samir Aich, Jogen Chowdhury, Tapas Konar are our mentors. We are releasing the digital edition of Art Times journal exclusively on ArtOfColors to achieve a new range of art lovers from all over the world.
Mr. Bipul Bikash Mondal
Co-founder & Editor
We have given the name "Art Times" because everyone want's to get entertain with music, drama, films but Painting is a category where peoples don't get much opportunity to connect with this part of the art industry. We have prepared this journal based on different aspects area of Art. There are less number of magazines published earlier but unable to continue their journey after the release of few editions. We are trying to achieve one level to connect with peoples with art and connect the senior artist with new talented artists. We are expecting in future we will publish in every month instead of 2 months. Keep support us in this long journey.
Previous Editions
11th Issue - 11th November, 2017
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10th Issue - 29th April, 2017
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9th Issue - 26th November, 2016
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8th Issue - 27th August, 2016
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7th Issue - 6th May, 2016
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6th Issue - 27th December, 15
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5th Issue - 29th September, 15
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4th Issue - 31 July, 2015
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3rd Issue - 23rd May, 2015
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2nd Issue - 28th February, 2015
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1st Issue - 24th December, 2014
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