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ArtOfColors, a painting studio, paints your story on a blank canvas, vividly manifesting every single bit of your persona. Our brush strokes gracefully create the work of art- portrait painting, photo restoration, photo finishing or photo manipulation, bringing out your emotions dramatically.

About ArtofColors

ArtOfColors is an e-commerce platform where we sell art works of eminent artists to domestic and international clients. Our platform provides an online marketplace to sell a wide range of exquisitely designed and created masterpieces to individuals who admire them. ArtOfColors, started way back in 2013, with the backing of 17 eminent artists. With time the brand, ArtOfColors proliferated and currently it has over 550 artists and a collection of 3500+ art work in the form of paintings, sculptures. The brand, ArtOfColor has the patronage of eminent artists like Mr. Wasim Kapoor, Mr. Niranjan Pradhan and acclaimed art critic Mr. Debabrata Chakraborty.

ArtOfColors is the most cherished place for paintings and collectibles of contemporary artists. ArtOfColors uses its own portal to highlight the beautiful and enigmatic creations of contemporary Indian artists before the world. It creates a credible marketplace where art lovers across the world can take a glimpse of the brilliant artworks of legendary artists, appreciate them and invest in them, if they feel so.

If you are an art lover and interested to invest in contemporary Indian paintings and sculptures then ArtOfColors is the best place. The portal exhibits, promotes and sales a wide range of art works. A simple yet attractive web portal allows art lovers to browse the collection of art works who can browse through hand-picked and recently added paintings, sculptures and other art collectibles. Besides paintings and sculptures the visitor to the website can access a range of beautiful photography items on a range of topics that include nature, lifestyle, sports, festival, fashion, education, etc.

The brand’s website lucidly highlights its elite team of fine art artists and photographers. Popular names in the art arena include Anjan Bhattacharya, Lalit Maity, Samir Kundu, Gopal Chowdhury, Sekhar Basu, Gautam Mukherjii, Amit Bhar and many more. The team of painters and sculpture artists in the ArtOfColor website is known to have made invaluable contributions to modern art. The art collectors can browse events and can resell exquisite artworks, offer invaluable suggestions and advice on contemporary art. On the contrary the artists can sell their beautifully made masterpieces, know about the procedure of selling artwork using the ArtOfColor’s own platform and understand useful tips for budding artists.

Our mission is to make art an easily accessible item by changing the way the world find, shares, and purchases them. To give opportunities to people, both artists and lovers who thrive only for their passion which is art in its truest forms.

Future Planning

  • With the objective of democratizing the art world, we help connect art enthusiasts with rising artists who provide engaging, appealing and exclusive contents. To ensure that we remain the best, it is our constant endeavor to plan ahead. We understand the value of technique in art. Therefore, we will soon include charitable educational programs for our aspiring artists especially those who wish to learn to improve their artistic strokes further.
  • With the sole aim to provide exposure, it is one of our objectives to include exhibitions, press releases and even media events to make certain that the artist becomes a brand in the art world.Since our platform is all about encouraging the new artists along with the experienced, we are striving to include all those whose passion exhibits through art.Soon, we will come up with journals for the art lovers and help them remain connected to the content.
  • Seminars are another part that we wish to include for those who are interested in art. It is sometimes important to understand a viewpoint, or a brush stroke or even a sketch before purchasing the item. These seminars will be held to spread the word about art and how they can help connect with various expressions. Do write to us with any queries or feedback regarding your experiences with ArtOfColors, you can also write to us at: info@artofcolors.in


1,600+ Artists
All over India
6,000+ Unique Paintings
of Modern Art
15+ Group Exhibitions
at Kolkata
25+ Galleries Registered

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'Best E-commerce Platform
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The award was given as part of 'ITPV Partner Leadership Awards 2019' Organinized by Techplus Media

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